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“Average” Hurricane Season Predicted

The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season starts June 1, and after a record year with devastating hurricanes, experts at Colorado State University predict an average season.

The report predicts the following:

  • 13 named storms
  • 5 hurricanes, 2 of them major hurricanes (Cat. 3 or higher)
  • Hurricane destinations are still unknown

The Colorado State University team’s predictions come after 2018’s severe hurricane season which saw major flooding across North Carolina and South Carolina after Hurricane Florence.

Plan Ahead for Severe Weather

One of the best things you can do to prepare for potential hurricanes is to plan ahead. Check out Ready.gov or the South Carolina Emergency Management Division website for helpful tips and resources.

If you’ve lived in coastal South Carolina for a major hurricane, you know that gathering supplies and making plans can be a nightmare at the last minute. For example, stocking up on water, first aid supplies, batteries, and more can be hard when there is an increased sense of urgency and long lines everywhere.

Prepare for Power Outages

Have you considered a residential standby generator for your home? Ensure that a long-term outage doesn’t affect your life with a generator. Unlike portable generators, a standby generator ties directly to your main electrical source to fully power your entire home.

Additionally, with a standby generator, there is no manual refueling or loud noise. The Cummins QuietConnect series of residential generators tie directly to fuel sources like natural gas or propane, and they automatically turn on when a disruption in utility power is detected.

Spring is the best time to prepare for Atlantic Hurricane Season. Call Cooper Electrical Services to learn more about generator solutions for your home or business.