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The 2023 tax season is here, and most Americans’ filings are due by April 18th. Of course, this begs the question: What will you do with your tax refund? We’re glad you asked because in today’s blog, we’ll cover 3 reasons to invest your tax refund in a home generator so you can stay efficient and prepare for the future.

You may plan to splurge on a vacation or a few new gadgets. But have you considered investing in a home generator? It might not sound like the most exciting option, but we promise it’s well worth the up-front cost.

Investing in a Generator is Investing in Comfort & Safety 

Atlantic hurricanes are inevitable along our coastline. They’re a matter of when, not if. With them come widespread outages that can leave you in the heat with powerless appliances. A standby generator solves this, keeping your family safe and comfortable when the next storm comes. 

As such, an excellent way for Myrtle Beach homeowners to invest a tax refund is in a residential generator system. With models by industry leaders Generac and Kohler, Cooper has the right fit for your home’s energy needs.

Our models don’t just power homes, though. Many of them come with Wi-Fi capabilities and convenient remote monitoring technology. This gives you and your technicians up-to-date information on the unit’s performance. 

They Provide Automatic, Instant Power

It’s like clockwork: a large storm approaches South Carolina, power goes out, and every Home Depot and Lowe’s in the area sells out of portable generators. 

While portable generators certainly have their place, they’re not the best solution. They offer limited energy, are loud, and require constant refueling. Admittedly, they can help save refrigerated foods and power appliances with extension cords, but it will still feel like camping in your home.

On the other hand, home generators are permanent power solutions since they connect directly to underground fuel sources and your home’s electrical panels. They automatically detect power losses; from there, they flip a transfer switch, which delivers direct power. The transfer switch then automatically converts back to utility power when power is restored.

That’s much better than a noisy machine that requires constant attention while only partially powering your home! 

They Increase Home Values

A generator system will increase your home’s value if you ever resell. They’re also attractive features with Myrtle Beach’s unpredictable summer weather. 

The Wall Street Journal has identified home generator systems as a top 10 “luxury item” to attract buyers.

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A home generator is the only safe way to totally restore power during an outage. With this investment, you’ll have access to all your appliances, HVAC, lights, and outlets immediately and without any work. 

With summer and taxes just around the corner, why not invest your tax refund in your safety and comfort? To learn more about your home generator options, Call Cooper today