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Hey, Alexa

With over 100 million Alexa devices sold, Amazon’s smart assistant is many people’s go-to for streaming music, playing trivia games, tracking shipments, and setting alarms and reminders. 

Sure, Alexa helps with everyday tasks, but what does this have to do with generators?

The answer might surprise you!

A Dynamic Duo

Combined with Amazon’s Alexa, the Generac Mobile Link™ app has changed the game and made keeping track of generator functioning easier than ever. And it’s simple: Mobile Link™ sends real-time updates on generators and propane tanks to both dealers and owners through a free, user-friendly smart device app. 

Outside the home, a sleek, subtle attachment installs onto your Generac, which then communicates with the app. From there, you can access 24/7 reports on operating statuses, maintenance schedules, and more with just a glance at a smartphone, tablet, or computer anywhere in the world. 

The app also allows you to choose when your generator exercises and see how long it has run during its lifetime. Better yet, you can link an optional Tank Utility propane monitor and program Mobile Link™ to send performance updates to you or a service professional automatically.

Linking is a Breeze

To operate the Generac Mobile Link™, make sure you first have the app downloaded on your smart device and that you have created an account. Then, follow these simple steps: 

  • Make sure to connect your generator to your home’s wifi
  • Open the Alexa app on your smart device
  • Select the “More” option, then navigate to “Skills & Games”
  • Choose the search icon in the screen’s upper right corner
  • Type “Mobile Link” in the search field 
  • Select the Mobile Link skill 
  • Enable the Mobile Link skill by tapping the blue button
  • Sign into your Mobile Link account
  • Click “Next”

That’s it! From here, simply give Alexa one of the following or similar commands:

  • “Alexa, ask Mobile Link if I’m ready for a power outage.”
  • “Alexa, ask Mobile Link who my dealer is.”
  • “Alexa, ask Mobile Link about the weather near my generator.”

Get in Touch

As the Grand Strand’s leading Generac retailer and service provider, we know a thing or two about maintaining these generators. We’ve also seen the headaches that can come with poor preparation and irregular maintenance. 

That’s why we provide the latest Generac generators with Mobile Link™ technology. We can even monitor your unit online so you can rest assured that you, your family, and your home are protected. 

With 6,000 South Carolinians losing power last December alone, there’s no better time to prepare for nature’s worst. Are you ready to achieve the peace of mind Mobile Link™ can provide? Contact us and get started today!