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Cooper Electrical Services Helps Data Centers Back It Up

Data centers are the backbone of modern business. Managing and supplying data from a dedicated location, they keep networks of information up and running. From small organizations with a single room for servers for a workplace network, to large facilities that manage information for a network of hospitals, search engines, or large cloud computing applications, data centers are the heart that keeps everything running.

Because of the necessity for continuous operation, it’s important that you are confident in your backup power solutions. If data centers are the heart, then backup power is life support. Cooper Electrical Services offers sales, service, and installation of commercial generators for continuous, on-site power.

Cummins Power Solutions for the Uptime Your Data Center Requires

Cooper Electrical Services proudly supplies Cummins Power Generation products and solutions specifically designed for data centers. Cummins is an industry leader for commercial generators, and data centers require the Uptime Institute’s Tier IV standard of “five nines” availability — 99.999% uptime– that Cummins generator systems are engineered to provide.

Cooper Electrical Services is your single point of contact for installation and design of your Cummins backup power system. Today’s generator solutions, as we’ve mentioned early this month, use automatic transfer systems to immediately move power supply from conventional utility to backup power when the system senses power loss or weakened supply.

Additionally, modern technology allows for users to monitor data center backup power from digital controls and adjust settings remotely.

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The Cooper team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to backup and emergency power design, both in single and colocation centers. Contact us today to learn more.