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“When Should I Buy a Generator?”

Answer: Now. Or so says the generator salesperson.

Actually, like many large purchases, you may be wondering when the best time to buy a generator is. While there is no “bad time” to get a generator, there are some busy seasons for commercial and residential generator installation.

In Myrtle Beach, our hurricane season is June through November, with the biggest threats for hurricanes occurring in September and October. The increased threat of a natural disaster leads more businesses and homeowners to consider backup power solutions. This can create the occasional backlog adding to the normal lead time.

As a result, spring and summer are some of the best time to buy a generator because folks in the Carolinas are not yet worried about another big hurricane.

Average Lead Times for Sales to Installation

Both residential and commercial generator projects will begin with a site survey. For homeowners, you may also need to file appropriate paperwork with your HOA architectural review committee (ARC). Commercial projects are more complex often take more time.

Residential generator projects during the spring have an estimated lead time of 1-2 weeks from site survey to installation.

Commercial generator projects take 3 months, on average. For commercial job, an initial site survey and quote usually takes 1-2 weeks. Once customers have approved a project, it is roughly another 2-3 months for delivery and installation.

Call Cooper for Residential and Commercial Generators

Whether you are ready to buy or just want to look into it and learn more, Cooper Electrical Services is here to help you. While spring and early summer are usually the best times, our team is available to assist you year-round. For residential or commercial customers with time-sensitive needs, give us a call to discuss the possibility of fast-tracking your backup power project.

Cooper Electrical Services is Myrtle Beach’s only unlimited-license electrical contractor with turn-key generator services. Work with the same team from sales, to installation, to maintenance and repair. Call Cooper to learn more.