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A commercial generator is an important investment for any business. It can mean the difference between profit and loss, consumer confidence and consumer skepticism, and for those in critical healthcare services, the difference between life and death. It’s important to keep your generator in good health with regular maintenance and servicing, so it performs when you need it to. In this post and others to come, we’ll look at common causes of generator failure and steps you can take to avoid it. The first common cause of failure is from your generator leaking fuel, oil, and coolant.

Dripping, Oily Leaks Are Likely Wet Stacking

Commercial generators need regular full or near-full load testing. This is the equivalent of regular exercise for your generator. When commercial generators run without load or sit for extended periods of time, excess fuel and lubricant build up. You may notice this dark, dripping substance and assume there is a crack or leak somewhere. This “wet stacking” means you need load testing to burn off this excess fuel.

Crankcase Breathers May Cause Oil Condensation and Puddles

In commercial generators, crankcase breathers baffle and vent oil mist so it doesn’t clog the air filters. If the breathers vent below the engine, this oil mist may condense on the generator or puddle beneath it. If the engine is coated in an oily film, it will collect dirt and debris, all of which may affect the performance of your generators engine. If the oil puddle or film is the result of the breathers, implementing recirculating breathers that separate the oil may be a solution.

Generator Leaking Coolant? Check Block Heater Hoses

Coolant leaks are likely the cause of bad block heater hoses. Heat, wear, and tear can affect even the most durable hose materials over time, so replacing hoses is often a simple fix for a coolant leak.

Always Invest in a Service Agreement

The best way to keep your generator running is to have it serviced by a professional on a regular basis. Commercial generators need periodic maintenance and load testing, and Cooper Electrical Services offers customizable service agreements for clients.

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