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Is Your Business Prepared for a Power Outage?

Whether a tropical storm or a full-blown hurricane, Myrtle Beach is no stranger to high winds. As a result, if there is one thing you can count on between June and November, it’s a weather-related power outage on the Grand Strand. For homeowners, this may be a relative inconvenience. But for Myrtle Beach businesses, an extended power outage can mean loss of profits.

After an unpredictable spring where a global pandemic shut down or limited parts of our economy, businesses worry about future profit loss.

A light commercial generator is a worthwhile investment for businesses at the beach, and energy-efficiency tax credits could help offset the initial cost.

Light Commercial Generators for Small Businesses

Commercial generators run off of 3 available fuel types in our area:

  • Liquid Propane
  • Natural Gas
  • Deisel

Commercial generator systems use an automatic transfer switch to shift between utility and generator power at the first detection of an interruption.

Commercial generators require regularly scheduled maintenance and testing to ensure reliability and performance.

Preparing Your Business’s Generator for an Emergency Situation

Before the storm hits and the power goes out, generator owners should do the following on a regular basis:

  1. Perform Regular Exercise and Load-Bank Testing. Compared to a classic car kept in a garage, generators may be used infrequently. As a result, to keep your generator engine healthy for a quick startup, you’ll want to regularly run it at different load capacities. This is load-bank testing. Load-bank testing is one of the many services Cooper Electrical offers commercial customers.
  2. Perform a Fuel Check and Fuel Test. Moreover, fuel degrades over time, affecting the performance and health of your generator system. Load testing helps burn fuel, but it’s also important to regularly check your fuel reserve levels and test fuel purity. Similarly, fuel testing is also a regular service Cooper Electrical Services offers.
  3. Test Batteries. Additionally, generator systems use batteries for a power boost upon startup, just like a car. A battery check is a part of regular generator service and maintenance.
  4. Conduct a Thorough Inspection. Finally, have a professional generator technician inspect your system. Circuits, fuses, wiring, and more should be looked at to make sure all are in good health.

Cooper is Myrtle Beach’s #1 Generator Services Provider

Cooper Electrical Services is a Cummins-authorized dealer and the Grand Strand’s source for turn-key generator solutions. The Cooper team offers residential and commercial generator sales, installation, maintenance and repair/service.

In the end, when the power is out and your competition is closed, you’ll be up and running with full power.

Interested in a commercial generator for your business? Give us a call.