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A Diesel Fire Pump is an Important Part of Your Fire Sprinkler System

If your commercial space has fire sprinklers, then you certainly have a fire pump on site. The diesel fire pump is part of the fire sprinkler system. It’s role is to intake water from public utility or tank and increase water pressure for fire sprinklers. The fire pump plays a critical role in allowing sprinklers to spray more water at a higher pressure to suppress the spread of flames. Cooper Electrical Services offers quarterly diesel fire pump inspection and maintenance in the greater Myrtle Beach area.

Diesel Fire Pump Inspection and Maintenance is Important and Required

Rarely do we envision our business or workplace engulfed in flames. And while fires may be a statistically low threat, it is vital to prepare for the possibility. Part of the preparation is regularly inspecting the fire sprinkler system and fire pump so that should a fire erupt, the fire pump can quickly push large volumes of water through the sprinkler system.

Fire pump maintenance is also a crucial component of South Carolina and National Fire Prevention Association building code and compliance, and failing to have your diesel fire pump maintained and inspected could lead to costly violations.

Diesel Fire Pump Maintenance Service Contract

Cooper Electrical Services’ diesel fire pump service contract provides regularly scheduled visits where a Cooper professional will perform the following services 4 times a year (quarterly):

  • Inspection of engine, controls, wiring and components
    Inspection of all belts and hoses for proper tension and alignment
    Inspection of engine gauges, block heater, and oil and coolant levels
    Inspection of radiator components, air intake, exhaust and crankcase ventilation
    Lubrication of housing intake motors and operators
    Full battery and engine starter check
    Inspection and cleaning of battery connections and terminals
    Full inspection of fuel system, tank, vents, lines, regulators, and overflow piping

Moreover, we will perform the following diesel fire pump maintenance services at least once a year (annually):

  • Perform a test start on #1 and #2 manual start positions
    Perform coolant test and record freeze level protection
    Replace engine oil and filters
    Replace fuel filters
    Replace air intake filters (as needed)

Schedule Fire Pump Inspection and Maintenance Today

Whether you work in a hospital, large warehouse, school, or retail outlet, fires do not discriminate. Make sure your safety equipment is prepared to fight fire should a disaster happen. Cooper Electrical Services is here to inspect and maintain your diesel fire pump with our code compliant service contract. Give us a call today!