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Diesel Generator Maintenance and Wet-Stacking Prevention

Myrtle Beach businesses in hospitality, healthcare, finance, and data management demand reliable power. As a result, customers and clients expect it. Diesel generators, like those from Cummins with Tier IV systems certified by the Uptime Institute, average 99.995% uptime. A diesel generator is an emergency safety net, but it requires maintenance to maintain its reliability. Load bank testing is part of scheduled maintenance that puts your generator under 100% load. This testing prevents diesel generator wet-stacking. 

Common Causes of Diesel Wet-Stacking

Wet-stacking is an industry term for build-up of unburned fuel and carbon in an combustible engine. It’s caused by light loads and lack of use. Unlike LP or natural gas, one of the drawbacks of diesel fuel is its relatively short lifespan. Fuel degrades over time, and it can even become contaminated by rust, microbial growth, and other contaminants in a hold tank.

Regular fuel testing uses a sample to determine the “health” of your diesel fuel. Unfortunately, bad fuel can lead to engine wear and excessive build-up. As a result, fuel testing should become a regular part of maintenance for your generator.

Diesel Generator Wet-Stacking Prevention

To prevent wet-stacking, there are two solutions:

  1. Load Bank Testing: This exercise uses a portable load bank to put your generator under 100% load. Just like taking a garaged antique car out for a spin every month, a load bank test will burn unused diesel fuel and bring your generator to full operating capacity.
  2. Fuel Polishing: This procedure is a fuel cleaning for unused diesel. Fuel polishing filters and removes most contaminants and water. Additionally, a technician may add fuel additives to lengthen the lifespan.

In the end, diesel generators must be maintained so they can save your business when needed. Load bank testing, fuel sampling, and fuel polishing can help prevent wet-stacking. However, there are many other aspects of generator maintenance that need regular attention. A scheduled maintenance agreement includes electrical inspection, air and fuel filter changes, and oil changes.

Cooper Electrical Services for Generator Maintenance and Repair

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