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COVID-19 Has Increased Home Energy Consumption

While overall energy consumption in industry is down, residential energy consumption is up. As a result of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, many more American families are finding themselves at home during the work for remote work and e-learning. It’s been a quick and radical shift and many are noticing the effect it’s had on energy consumption as monthly utility bills come in.

In an average home of 4, with 2 working adults and 2 children, your home used to be empty for 8-10 hours a day while parents worked and children went to school. Now everybody is home with computers and internet devices streaming, lights on, and appliances running. While energy consumption patterns tend to be unique to homes and the families that occupy them, there are some general practices that can help you manage your energy consumption and keep your power bill in check.

Lower Energy consumption during COVID-19 stay-at-home
Adjusting your thermostat by a degree or two can save you money in the long run.

Easy Ways to Manage Energy Consumption During COVID-19

Adjust the Thermostat: When out of the house, many set the thermostat to a more economical setting. Why cool your house when no one is there? Now that the entire family is home, that setting has likely changed. In Myrtle Beach, you may be keeping your home cooler during the day. HVAC units use a lot of energy, so keeping it a degree or two warmer than usual may help you save some energy over the month. Also, if you are paying more to cool your home during the day, be sure that cooling isn’t going to waste. Close off vents and doors to unused rooms, and keep blinds or drapes closed to keep your home cooler.

Be Aware of Lighting: Are you guilty of having lights on in a room that is not in use? Or leaving the lights on when there is ample sunlight? Put a sticky note by the light switch or even tape over it to remind yourself about energy consumption. Teach children and remind other family members about the importance of turning off lights when leaving a room.

Unplug Devices: Following up on lights, fully turn off devices like video games systems, TVs, and computers that may be in a low-energy hibernation mode. Fully unplugging and powering down the dozen devices around your house could have an effect on your usage.

Change Appliance Heating and Cooling Settings: Do you need your refrigerator on the coldest setting? Could you wash your dishes without high heat? Heating and cooling takes energy, and small adjustments can give your water heater and the electrical components in appliances a small break.

Go Outside: We are blessed in Myrtle Beach to be stuck at home during one of the most pleasant springs in recent memory. Turn off all the lights and head outside for fresh air. Take a walk or simply set up a place to work on your patio or porch. You may not save a ton of energy, but all of the screen time takes its toll. Some fresh air is definitely good for your health.

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