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In a world where uninterrupted power is not just a convenience but a necessity, healthcare facilities in South Carolina must adhere to stringent regulations set forth by the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). Among these regulations is the mandate for monthly testing of backup generators, a critical component of facility operations. Cooper Electrical Services proudly offers comprehensive solutions to ensure compliance and reliability through DHEC monthly testing.

Understanding DHEC Monthly Testing

DHEC, as the regulatory agency overseeing healthcare facilities in South Carolina, imposes strict guidelines to guarantee the functionality and reliability of backup generators. Monthly testing is a fundamental requirement under these regulations, aimed at verifying that generators are capable of providing essential power during emergencies.

During the monthly 30-minute load testing, generators must reach at least 30% of their rated capacity, as indicated on the generator data tag. This test serves as an initial assessment of the generator’s performance and readiness. Failure to meet this requirement triggers further action to address potential issues and ensure compliance with DHEC regulations.

Our Dedication to Compliance and Reliability

Cooper Electrical Services understands the critical role of reliable power in healthcare facilities. That’s why we offer comprehensive DHEC monthly testing services, designed to keep backup generators in optimal condition and in compliance with regulatory standards.

If your generator meets the 30% load requirement during the monthly testing, only a 2-hour resistive load bank is required by NFPA 110 annually with 4-hour load bank every 3 years. If your generator fails to meet the 30% load requirement monthly, a 4-hour resistive load bank test is required by NFPA 110 annually.

This testing helps ensure the generator system can handle critical loads when needed. This testing also helps identify any issues with the generator in a controlled setting and not when a utility failure occurs.

Addressing DHEC Compliance Concerns

Should your generator fail to meet the 30% load requirement during monthly testing, it signals potential issues that need immediate attention. Cooper Electrical Services recommends an annual 4-hour load bank test in such instances. This extended test enables thorough evaluation of the generator’s performance and aids in identifying and addressing underlying issues to ensure compliance with DHEC regulations.

Why Choose Cooper Electrical For Your Generator Services?

With extensive experience in the electrical services industry, Cooper Electrical Services is a trusted partner for healthcare facilities seeking reliable power solutions. Our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in DHEC regulations and best practices for generator maintenance and testing.

By choosing Cooper Electrical Services for your DHEC monthly testing needs, you can be confident that your backup generator is in capable hands. We prioritize the reliability and compliance of your generator, helping you avoid disruptions and maintain continuity of care during emergencies.


In the healthcare industry, uninterrupted power is vital for patient safety and continuity of care. With DHEC monthly testing by Cooper Electrical Services, healthcare facilities in South Carolina can ensure compliance with regulatory standards and the reliability of their backup generators.

Don’t compromise on power reliability. Contact Cooper Electrical Services today to schedule your DHEC monthly testing and safeguard your facility against unexpected outages.