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How Much of My Home Will Receive Backup Power?

This is a common question, especially from homeowners familiar with the gas-powered portable generators you see flying off the shelves of every Home Depot as the first major hurricane of the season approaches.

The easy answer is that a residential standby generator powers your entire house. Additionally, you don’t need to do anything or even turn it on. Standby generators are permanent fixtures that tie directly to a fuel source and use an automatic transfer switch to convert power from utility to generator at the first detection of an interruption.

A Standby Generator Means Total Comfort and Safety During a Power Outage

If you are used to a portable generator, you’ll understand that while it is helpful, it feels more like camping in your home than living in comfort.

A Portable Generator Means:

  • Constant refueling and gallons of gasoline stockpiled in a garage
  • Extension cords running from the portable unit to major appliances
  • Picking and choosing what to power
  • Usually no HVAC
  • Loud noise around the clock
  • Fear of overloading a small generator
  • Numerous safety concerns

On the other hand, a residential standby generator offers:

  • Whole Home Electrical Power for Lights, Outlets, and Appliances
  • HVAC Cooling and Ventilation during hot hurricane season
  • Fully-powered Security and Wireless Systems
  • Convenience of Automatic Start/Shut-off
  • Quieter than a portable generator

Cooper Electrical Services is Myrtle Beach’s Residential Generator Expert

In conclusion, Cooper Electrical Services is Myrtle Beach’s only unlimited-license contractor in the area to provide turn-key generator service from sales to installation to repair.

Our team helps home owners understand generator options to make an informed decision. Additionally, our team is responsive to our customers’ needs. A residential standby generator projects take 1-2 weeks from site survey to installation.

The Cooper team is well-aware of Myrtle Beach communities and their HOA requirements. We work with homeowners and their community architectural review committee (ARC) to ensure generator projects adhere to community regulations and standards.

Contact us to learn more about residential standby generators from Cooper Electrical Services.