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Summer is officially here in Myrtle Beach (and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, in fact) and we’ve definitely noticed an increase in midday thunderstorms. In fact, as we mentioned previously, this is the start of Atlantic hurricane season and predictions are for another above average year due to the lack of an El Nino phase. 

Because of our coastal South Carolina location, storm damage and power outages are likely and something to prepare for. Cooper Mechanical Services helps many businesses along our coastline with water and storm damage to HVAC and electrical systems, and we are pleased to now offer commercial generator sales and installation service to help keep the power fully supplied on during blackouts and brownouts.

How a Commercial Generator Can Help Your Business

Save Perishables: Retain power to industrial refrigerators and coolers and save food (and money)

Stay Safe: Keep security systems online and your business protected

Secure Data: Keep IT networks, servers and important data safe and accessible

Stay Cool/Warm: Continue to power HVAC systems and ensure your business stays comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Generators

Q: What is a commercial generator?

A: A commercial generator keeps your business’s power on during an outage. Larger than a portable generator for a home, a commercial generator is permanently installed outside of your business, similar to an HVAC unit.

Q: How do I fuel my generator?

A: Commercial generators are tied directly to a propane (liquified petroleum gas) or natural gas line or tank and to the main power supply to your business. There is no manual fueling, extension cords or hassle. 

Q: How do commercial generators turn on?

A: When power fails (blackout) or drops below an acceptable level (brownout), the automatic transfer switch (ATS) on the generator system senses the change and instantly moves from standby to power mode. When utility power is restored, the ATS reverts back to standby and powers is supplied by normal means.

Q: How do I learn more about commercial generators for my Myrtle Beach business?

A: Cooper Electrical Services have generator specialists on-hand to answer questions and help find the best solution for your business.

Don’t Let the Next Big Hurricane Take Your Business Down

Hurricanes Matthew and Joaquin were back-to-back storms of the century. Having power during a major outage can mean the difference between profit and debt. Call Cooper for honest and dependable HVAC, refrigeration, electrical and commercial generator sales, installation and service.