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The Story

Over 100 years ago, Kohler began to aid plumbing projects in rural America. Boasting the distinction of being the world’s first modern generator manufacturer, the brand steadily became an industry leader.  

Kohler would soon establish itself in Hollywood, Normandy, the South Pole, and the Hoover Dam. By 1936, their generators supported Allied forces in WWII. By 1966, they had produced their 1 millionth unit. 

Given Kohler’s history and quality, Cooper Electrical Services is thrilled to announce that we now carry and service Kohler generators up to 150 KW!

Generators in this range can tackle the needs of banks, retailers, convenience stores, restaurants, and large homes. Their exclusive colors allow you to smooth over your building’s aesthetic or make it pop. 

They even have several officially-licensed Mossy Oak® camouflage designs—the perfect fit for outdoor enthusiasts in the Myrtle Beach area! 

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or large-scale manufacturer, a Kohler generator is a standout option that you should consider investing in. Today’s article will cover why. 

Made For Working & Unwinding

So, Kohler generators deliver energy to homes, businesses, and manufacturing centers. That’s it, right? 

Not quite!

Kohler generators are ideal for many other settings as well—energy plants, workboats & mega yachts, tailgating, and camping, to name a few! Even the National Weather Service uses them to deliver crucial information to the entire United States. 

A Power Trip

The first benefit of a Kohler home generator is a safe, space-conscious installation that greatly lowers the risk of electrical hazards. They can also run on a home’s natural gas/liquid propane sources and do not require refueling. With safe, steady electricity that won’t damage electronics, they automatically start within seconds of an outage. 

Kohler home generators also feature weekly self-tests and computer/phone/tablet updates. Additionally, a status indicator tells you if your home is operating from utility or generator energy. 

Get In Touch

Given Kohler’s history, accolades, and leading technology, it’s no surprise why so many worldwide have chosen this brand to get them through work and play. 

So, are you ready to purchase or service your Kohler residential standby generator? As your number-one authorized retailer and servicer, we’re here to make it happen.

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