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Liquid Propane, Natural Gas, and Diesel Fuel Types Will Degrade Over Time

Residential and commercial generators in the Myrtle Beach area use one of three fuel types: liquid propane (LP), natural gas, or diesel. There are pros and cons for each fuel type, but the one thing they have in common is that all three will degrade over time. Fuel testing is an important part of regular generator maintenance.

Commercial generator clients depend on backup power in emergencies. Healthcare facilities, airports, data centers, and manufacturing plants require reliable power. The people they serve depend upon it. In order to feel confident in your generator’s ability to perform when needed, scheduled testing and maintenance is essential.

Fuel Degradation or Contamination Affects Performance

Stored fuel that has degraded or become contaminated can lead to one’s generator not performing fully or at all. Microbes and sediment in fuel can affect the generator filtration system. In industrial generators, diesel fuel degrades over time, which affects performance. In cold temperatures, diesel may also “gel,” affecting the flow in fuel lines.

Fuel Testing is an Important Part of Generator Maintenance

Fuel testing starts with a fuel sample collection. Testing can include analysis of the following:

  • Water content (emulsified, dissolved, and free water)
  • Microbes (bacteria, algae, fungus)
  • Sediment
  • Diesel Cetane Value
  • Fuel Corrosivity

A generator system is an investment to protect your business and clients. It requires regular maintenance and testing. To feel confident in your generator’s ability to perform, it’s important to have your generator inspected, tested, and maintained. Always have your generator tested by a knowledgeable professional.

Call Cooper for Generator Service and Maintenance

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Additionally, whether you purchased your generator from Cooper or elsewhere, we can create custom maintenance plans to meet your needs. So if you’d like to learn more about fuel testing and other scheduled maintenance, contact Cooper Electrical Services today.