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Backup Generators for the Largest Airport in the US

What’s it take to run the largest airport in the country on generated power? That’s the challenge facing Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson airport’s team of engineers.

The primary hub for Delta, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport saw over 50 million passengers in 2017. Unable to do business, flight disruptions in Atlanta affect flights all over the country and world.

In December 2017, a power outage left the airport without power for 11 hours, stranding tens of thousands of passengers in dark terminals. As a result, the Atlanta airport initiated plans to install a bank of backup generators to prevent a similar incident in the future.

Generator Design and Installation for Businesses of All Sizes

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that an estimated 21 diesel generators will be needed to power all terminals and concourses.

For most businesses in South Carolina, designing and installing a commercial generator system is a comparatively easy process that offers companies assurance that inclement weather need not disrupt critical operations.

As an authorized Cummins partner, Cooper Electrical Services offers turn-key power solutions from sales through installation and service. Commercial generators tie directly to fuel sources like diesel, natural gas, or propane. At the first instance of utility disruption, the commercial generator will turn on. Commercial generators do not need manual starting or refueling.

Learn More About Commercial Generators

So, are you considering a commercial generator for your Myrtle Beach business? Learn more about how a commercial generator can keep your business operational during an unexpected outage. Give us a call or contact us through our website.