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California’s Push to Cut Emissions Leads to Portable Engine Bill and Generator Ban

California, home to the country’s most progressive environmental legislation, recently passed a bill to reduce emissions of small off-road gasoline engines, including RV generators and portable generators. Passed in October 2021 by a majority of 47-22, the bill proposes graduated measures to end the sale of gas-powered portable engines that cause heavy emissions.

Though the engines may seem relatively small, they can have a large environmental impact. The bill, AB 1346, highlights the fact that a gas-powered leaf blower used for one hour creates as much pollution as driving 1,100 miles in a car. California’s measure will aim to make all portable engines, including lawnmowers, weed eaters, and portable generators meet zero-emission standards by 2028. As a result, beginning in 2024, restrictions on the sale of off-road small engines will take place.

How the Bill Affects Generator Sales and RVs

The most obvious effect will be the lack of generator availability in California. The first restrictions on selling new generators will start on July 1, 2022. As a result, homeowners can no longer go to their local home improvement store and purchase a portable gas generator, which may cause problems in a state known for massive wildfires and rolling blackouts.

The legislation will also directly impact RV builders. The new bill includes generators mounted in RVs. RV manufacturers will need to find another viable power source or risk being unable to sell their vehicles in CA.

There’s no need for an alarm if you have a portable generator or RV with a generator. RV users with gas-powered generators can use today’s small engines under a grandfather clause. Looking forward, you may see manufacturers moving toward alternative power sources like solar as a means of power. Given California’s market size, improved environmental standards will likely become a focus for all manufacturers. What this will mean for consumers, particularly in terms of cost, remains to be seen.

How CA’s Bill Affects Portable Generator and RV Generator Users in South Carolina

Will California’s ban on selling portable generators and small, off-road gas engines affect South Carolina? While our area doesn’t seem ready to pass similar legislation, there is a growing trend toward clean energy. Moreover, lawmakers in Washington are discussing emissions reductions, and car manufacturers are quickly transitioning to electric vehicles. As a result, generators are bound to be soon affected.

Finally, if you are concerned about your generator’s performance and environmental impact, keep your machine operating optimally. The easiest way for you to help reduce pollution from your generator and extend its life is with regular maintenance. Following the manufacturer’s service schedule can keep your RV or portable generator running efficiently for years to come.

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