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The Avista Resort Hotel is a family resort in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Its oceanfront location, on-site dining options, pools, lazy river, and other premium amenities attract numerous visitors. For customer safety and comfort, hotels like Avista must maintain a commercial generator under the National Fire Prevention Association 110 Standard for emergency power supply systems.

Maintaining a commercial generator system for a hotel with hundreds of rooms is incredibly important. If an NFPA legally-required diesel generator fails to start or shuts down while running during a utility power outage, it can cause any number of dangerous situations. Generator failure may cause elevator passenger entrapment or lead to serious injury or death from the loss of safety lighting in stairwells.

During a scheduled quarterly generator test and inspection, technicians discovered the generator no longer produced voltage output. For the residents’ and guests’ safety and security, the generator problem needed to be diagnosed and resolved as soon as possible.

Meeting Challenges

Cooper Electrical Services, the Grand Strand’s leader in commercial generator services, needed to inspect and diagnose the problem. With thorough electrical testing, the Cooper team learned that defective alternator parts caused the generator failure.

We then prepared a replacement part list and cost-benefit analysis to help the client determine whether replacement or repair was the best option. Since a new generator was three times the repair cost, the owners opted to make repairs and replace the alternator.

Commercial Generator alternator replacement

Solving Problems 

An out-of-service generator is a liability. Without a generator, the owner must provide 24/7 Fire Watch resources for the safety of the residents and guests. Cooper Electrical Services compared prices and delivery times between the generator manufacturer and after-market parts specifically engineered for each application to expedite the repair and get the lowest possible cost for the client. 

Once the alternator parts arrived, the Cooper team faced a new challenge: removing the old generator from the hotel roof and installing a new one. Since the hotel elevators did not have rooftop access, the Cooper team faced another challenge: getting the 1,500 lb. alternator off the generator and off the roof. Blocking off the street and using a crane is expensive and time-consuming.

To save time and resources, the Cooper team developed a plan to use the service elevator to take the alternator to the top floor, and then use heavy equipment to lift the 1,500 lb. load the remaining 1.5 floors to the rooftop generator room. This plan saved both money and time, considering a crane would require S.C. DOT permission and highway closure.

Once the new alternator was in place, we completed NFPA 110 Certification Testing and scheduled follow-up testing and maintenance.  


The benefits of this project are apparent. The NFPA 110 Legally Required Generator is back in service, and the owner’s risks and liabilities are lower. Additionally, the Maintenance staff no longer had to keep the building under a “Fire Watch” because of generator failure. 

Moreover, due to a detailed Repair/Replace Cost analysis and obtaining the best market prices for parts, Avista was able to save capital resources that they can use for other projects ahead of the popular summer season.

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