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SCDHEC Requires Yearly Generator Certification for Some Facilities

Did you know that some facilities are required to have generator certification (and recertification) yearly? The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (or simply SCDHEC) requires an annual professional inspection for commercial generators for specific facilities. Healthcare and surgical centers, hotels, and senior living facilities are some of the industries that need a yearly recertification.

Who Can Certify Your Commercial Generator?

Cooper Electrical Services is Myrtle Beach’s premier commercial generator business serving the greater Grand Strand region. The Cooper team is knowledgeable of all major generator brands and can provide thorough inspections to meet SCDHEC certification requirements. Cooper Electrical Services can provide an initial generator certification as well as yearly generator recertification.

What Does a Generator Certification Inspection Involve?

A certification inspection looks at the commercial generator to make sure everything is operating as it should. It involves everything from checking coolant levels and testing belt tension to examining wiring and testing for leaks.

Additionally, one part of every recertification inspection is a full load bank test. Load bank testing is a way to examine your generator’s performance under full load. This mimics an emergency situation where a generator would run at maximum capacity.

Once finished with the inspection, we will complete a certification log and record it in the facility manifest.

Why Are Certification Inspections Important?

It’s always helpful to know that your emergency equipment is in working order. SCDHEC requires annual inspections because some facilities can become very dangerous if backup generators don’t work when they are needed. For example, will the backup generator be able to power fire suppression systems and light exit passageways in the event of a fire and power outage? Similarly, hospitals and other facilities with vulnerable populations need to closely inspect generator systems to minimize the chance generator failure.

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