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One of the most common questions we are asked is what is the estimated lead time for a generator project. Estimated lead time is the estimated time is takes from surveying your site to having your generator system up and running. For both commercial and residential, clients want to make sure there is ample time to survey, quote, plan and install a generator before it’s needed, or time and funds are required elsewhere.

The Best Time of Year to Install a Generator

In Myrtle Beach, Atlantic Hurricane season is June 1 through November 30, with storm-caused outages occuring most notably in late summer and fall. For homeowners looking to plan for this, spring is an opportune time to start planning.

For commercial clients in the Myrtle Beach area, capital improvements and facility upgrades are usually saved for slow or down times. In the hospitality and service sector, this tends to be the Myrtle Beach “off season” of mid-to-late Fall and winter.

In order to help you plan, below is a list of estimated lead times depending on stock availability and project type. Keep in mind that these are simply estimates based on past projects and actual lead time may change depending on the project needs and market availability.

Residential Generator Estimated Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

If a generator is in-stock at Cooper Generator Services in Myrtle Beach, a project without any delays can be completed in a week or less. The project will start with a site survey and will be followed by a quote. If there are no other issues regarding the fuel source, your generator will be installed and running in about 5 days.

If the generator for the project needs to be shipped from the Cummins Power facility in Atlanta, GA, please allow another 3 days for shipment.

Occasionally, project time for liquid propane-fueled generators may be delayed a few days if the LP supplier is busy.

Commercial Generator Estimated Lead Time: 3 Months

Commercial generator projects are more complex and involved than residential ones. These projects often add additional time as commercial customers typically meet with decision makers to discuss project quotes and feasibility. Cooper Electrical Services has been averaging about 3 months from site survey to completed installation.

For commercial job, an initial site survey and quote is completed in 1-2 weeks. Once customers have approved a project, it is roughly another 2-3 months for delivery and installation.

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