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Generator Maintenance is Essential for Emergency Prep

Commercial generators give businesses the peace of mind that power disruption won’t take operations down. In certain industries, a power outage and a failed generator have higher stakes than just profit loss. In healthcare, data management, and other critical industries, power loss could mean loss of life or loss of sensitive information. As a result, scheduled quarterly and annual generator maintenance is required for many commercial and industrial facilities.

Businesses of all sizes use commercial standby generators as an emergency precaution, and often, the generator may go unused for years. But like insurance, if you don’t have it when you need it, it’s already too late. To be prepared for the worst, it’s important to regularly inspect, maintain, and test a commercial generator. Cooper Electrical Services offers customized maintenance contracts so your Myrtle Beach or South Carolina business can meet code requirements, keep expensive investments operational, and be prepared for an emergency situation.

Cooper Electrical Services Provides Comprehensive Generator Maintenance and Testing

Cooper’s Generator Maintenance Service Contract provides regularly scheduled visits where a Cooper professional will perform the following services 4 times a year (quarterly):

  • Visual inspection of engine & generator control devices, wiring, and components.
  • Visual inspection of all belts, pulleys, idlers, hoses, and operator guards.
  • Check all belts for proper tension and alignment.
  • Visual inspection and manual operation of output breaker(s).
  • Check engine gauges, meters, and perform Lamp & Meter Tests.
  • Check proper operation of engine block heater.
  • Check engine oil and coolant levels.
  • Inspect the condition of the radiator and cap.
  • Check engine air intake filters.
  • Check engine exhaust system and rain cap
  • Check engine crankcase ventilation.
  • Check and lubricate housing intake louver motors and operators (if applicable).
  • Test Emergency Stop Operation and Control.
  • Check Battery Charger operations and charge rate.
  • Inspect and clean battery connections, terminals, and check cold cranking amps.
  • Check engine starter connections.
  • Check engine fuel system, tank(s), vents, supply & return lines, regulators, and overflow piping.
  • Perform Generator System Test, with or without load, and record all generator engine and alternator control readings after engine has reached nominal operating temperature. Inspect for any leaks during and after the System Tests

Additionally, Cooper Mechanical Services will conduct the following services once a year (annually):

  • Perform a Quarterly Generator Maintenance Service.
  • Perform Coolant Test and record Freeze Level Protection.
  • Replace engine oil and filter(s).
  • Replace fuel filter(s).
  • Replace air intake filter(s), as needed.
  • Perform NFPA 110 Annual Generator – ATS System Function Test with Load.
  • Provide Annual Certification for Insurance & Fire Marshall

A Generator Maintenance Contract Save You Money

If quarterly and annual maintenance and testing is required or important to your South Carolina or Myrtle Beach business, then Cooper Electrical Services can save you money. For example, contract customers see significantly reduced hourly rates, load bank kW savings, no after-hours fees, and preferred service during busy times like hurricane season.

To learn more about the details of our Generator Maintenance Contract, please contact us today.