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Generators Protection When You’re Home and Away

Standby residential and commercial generators are awesome tools that let you resume life and business in comfort immediately after power goes out. Once a power disruption occurs, an automatic transfer switch moves your whole home or business to generated power–immediate generator protection.

What we haven’t mentioned though, is the benefit of a generator for your home or business while you are traveling. Myrtle Beach has plenty of seasonal residents with second homes that may reside here for only part of the year. Additionally, we are home to many seasonal businesses that cater to the 18 million visitors we get during the summer, and then shutter during the off-season.

In addition to life and business continuation, a residential or commercial generator is a wonderful way to protect your home or workplace while you’re away.

Benefits of a Generator When You’re Gone

If you’re home or business is empty, here’s how a generator benefits you in case of a power outage:

  • Home and business security systems remain functional even when the power is out. Prevent theft, break-ins, and disaster looting with knowledge that security cameras and other equipment is operational. That’s generator protection.
  • Keep the lights on. Give the appearance of someone occupying your home or business by keeping the lights working.
  • Keep HVAC functioning with a generator. Keeping the inside temperature of your home or business regulated can help you protect wood items, flooring, and merchandise from damage associated with high heat and humidity.
  • Keep home and building automation systems up and running with reliable backup power. Ensure that machinery, appliances, and more runs as it should. Most automation systems allow remote operation, and a generator gives users confidence that automated system run accordingly.

Prepare and Protect Your Home and Business

Cooper Electrical Services is the only unlimited-license electrical contractor in the Myrtle Beach area specializing in turn-key generator services. As an authorized Cummins dealer, we provide sales, installation, maintenance, and repair services to residential and commercial customers.

If you are considering a generator, we can help you navigate the options available so you find the best system that meets your needs and budget.