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What is a Light Commercial Generator?

Light commercial generators are automatic backup power generators designed for small businesses and larger homes. Light commercial generators fall within the 20-100 kW range and are permanent installations that can run off of diesel, liquid propane, or natural gas. A light commercial generator is capable of fully powering a small business at a neighborhood-friendly noise level. This is perfect for many of the small businesses in the Myrtle Beach area who need a commercial generator but not the solution for the manufacturing, healthcare, and hotel industries.

Light Commercial Generators Save Small Businesses

While hurricanes are the greatest threat of power outage to small businesses in Myrtle Beach, they aren’t the only source. Power outages can come from an aging infrastructure and power grid, accidental disruption from nearby construction, and even wildlife interference near a transformer.

Regardless of the cause, light commercial generators save small businesses money. Cummins estimates that median loss for a small business is $12,500 per day. For many, this can mean the difference between staying open and bankruptcy.

When the power goes out you definitely lose the ability to do business and profit. But consequences extend beyond an inability to provide service to your customers. A power outage can mean loss of perishable goods or the loss of confidence from customers.

Light commercial generators run from a permanent fuel source like liquid propane, diesel, or natural gas lines. When sensors in the system detect power disruption, the generator automatically kicks on, restoring full power to your business.

Who Can Use a Light Commercial Generator?

In Myrtle Beach, light commercial generator options are perfect for retail spaces, gas stations, convenience stores, and more. Cummins, Cooper Electrical Services’ brand of choice, manufacturers an entire line of light commercial generators in both single and three-phase options. All models are designed for minimal noise and protection from the elements.

Learn More About Light Commercial Generators – Call Cooper!

A Cooper Electrical Services representative is always happy to explore backup power options and compare solutions. If you’d like to investigate the different products available on your own, Cummins offers a convenient tool for calculating the generator size needed based on your businesses square footage, power usage, and desired quietness.