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Commercial Generators for Senior Living Facilities

The Myrtle Beach area is a desirable place for seniors to retire for a number of reasons. We boast low taxes, warm weather, and plenty of activities that can create a high quality of life. One of the great parts about Myrtle Beach is that our locals hail from all over with many escaping the cold winters and high cost of living of the Northeast. As our community grows and ages, so does the variety of senior and assisted living communities along the Grand Strand. In light of events in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, where 8 seniors died in a facility without backup power for air-conditioning, new conversations about commercial generators for senior living facilities have begun.

Senior Living Facilities Need Backup Power for Multiple Reasons

After the widely reported deaths in a Florida senior living center, many wondered why they didn’t have adequate backup power. Yes, they had the backup power required by hospitals and healthcare facilities, but it was only power to keep lifesaving equipment online.

The problem in the Florida tragedy is that there wasn’t backup power for the HVAC units. In the Southeast, September, October, and November (prime hurricane season) can see temperatures in the 80s and 90s.

The focus on backup batteries and power for equipment overlooked heat-related issues that can occur with an extended outage and no AC. Moreover, it’s difficult to relocate a vulnerable population, especially with road closures and loss of communication from down cell towers.

New Attention on Generators for HVAC in Senior Living Facilities

Gov. Rick Scott of Florida immediately issued an emergency rule to require all health care and elder care facilities to be equipped with generators to sustain operations and comfortable temperatures for at least 96 hours.

In the wake of the declaration the nursing home industry has held summits to address generator needs and costs. A primary concern to industry leaders is the cost associated with commercial generators. Right now, Southeastern are looking at options to make sure a tragedy like the one in Florida doesn’t happen again.

Cooper Electrical Services Provides Honest and Dependable Generator Service

The Cooper family has been serving the Myrtle Beach area’s HVAC and electrical needs since 1989. Our team now delivers comprehensive commercial generator sales, service, and repair to complement our HVAC and electrical services.

Our job is provide backup power solutions to keep operations running and temperatures comfortable in an emergency power outage. We bring turnkey service, so you’ll work with one team from sales to service.

To learn more about us, or to talk with a professional about generator options for your healthcare or senior living facility, please contact us today.