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Nursing Homes Need Emergency Generators

Backup Power for Nursing Homes and Healthcare Facilities

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, widespread power outages created emergency situations for senior living and healthcare facilities in areas affected by the powerful storm. Tragedy struck a nursing home in Florida when emergency standby generators kicked on to power vital health equipment but not the air-conditioning system. The result was the loss of 8 lives and an ensuing conversation about the need for full backup power generation in facilities serving vulnerable populations.

Florida Passes Generator Requirement Bill

The Florida government quickly proposed a bill mandating for all nursing homes to have adequate backup power generators, be able to maintain cool indoor air temperatures for 96 hours after power loss, and to keep 72-hours worth of supplies on hand. This week the Florida Legislature unanimously passed the bill, and as of July 1, 2018, all Florida nursing facilities will be expected to comply.

Will South Carolina Mandate Full Backup Power for Nursing Homes Too?

The bill means additional costs for nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Florida. Will a similar bill be proposed in South Carolina? It hasn’t yet been proposed, but increasingly hot summers and the increased frequency of damaging storms should be cause for alarm.

For senior living and medical or healthcare facilities, full backup power is an investment in life-saving equipment. In the event of an extended power outage, it is dangerous and difficult to move an elderly population, especially with closed roads and limited telecomm services.

Learn More About Power Generation for Facilities Serving Vulnerable Populations

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