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Whole home generator installation in Myrtle Beach

Home Locations that Benefit Most from a Residential Generator

Any home can benefit from a residential generator system. Cummins’ QuietConnect residential generators provide whole-home power in the event of a power outage. Their automatic transfer switch immediately switches from utility to generated power at the first sign of an outage. Additionally, Cummins residential generators tie directly to fuel lines (liquid propane and natural gas, most commonly), for long-lasting, efficient, and clean backup power.

While any home can benefit from an extra layer of security, homes in rural, coastal, and floodplain areas benefit the most. Homes in these areas encounter more frequent and longer lasting power outages, making a standby generator a wise investment for home safety and comfort.

Rural, Coastal, and Floodplain: 3 Home Locations Most in Need of a Generator

Rural: While neighborhoods are fairly dense near the coast, you don’t need to go too far inland before things get rural. Parts of Horry and Georgetown county are still very rural, and downed power lines and trees after a storm can take a while to clean up. Rural areas like Loris, Longs, and parts of Conway can be without power for longer than denser neighborhoods in Myrtle Beach. Furthermore, country roads can sometimes remain closed or impassable for longer times, so you may find yourself stuck at home.

Coastal: Hurricane Zone A of Horry and Georgetown counties is always the first to come under evacuation orders. Coastal neighborhoods near the beach can be right in the landfall zone for a big hurricane. Without terrain to slow high speed winds, areas near the ocean typically experience more wind damage, making the likelihood of a power outage greater.

Floodplain: As we’ve seen in Conway and Georgetown, low-lying areas near floodplains are susceptible to flood damage even long after the storm as past. As regional waters make their way through the Waccamaw River system, floodplain communities see water levels surge. Softened ground brings down trees and subsequently power lines.

CES for Generator Service in Horry and Georgetown Counties

Cooper Electrical Services is an authorized Cummins generator dealer for residential and commercial customers. A reliable backup power source is a blessing in the event of a power outage. If you live or work in a rural, coastal, or floodplain area, you already know the frequency of outages and the damage and inconvenience they create.

Be prepared before Hurricane Season gets underway. To learn more about our residential generator systems like the Cummins QuietConnect series, give Cooper a call today.