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On the Road with a Cummins Onan RV Generator

There are few things more exciting than the open road and the ability to travel with your home. RV camping is extremely popular in Myrtle Beach, and whether you are visiting the Grand Strand or leaving our area for parts unknown, it’s important to take good care of your RV. That includes periodic maintenance for your Onan RV generator. Though Onan RV generators are now branded under the Cummins generator brand, older Onan and newer Cummins-Onan parts are still readily available.

Before you hit the road, use these tips to keep your RV generator in top shape.

Practice Regularly Schedule Maintenance

It’s tough for any piece of equipment to sit for months or years and then work effectively and efficiently on first start-up. This is why you should warm your RV generator up for a couple weeks before taking it on the road.

  • Start your generator and run it under load. You can power RV appliances, AC, etc. This will also give you an opportunity to do some general inspection to make sure everything is running as it should.
  • After testing and running the generator, turn it off and wait for it to cool. Perform a general inspection, looking for debris and accumulation around vents or screens. Check your filter and replace it if it is clogged. Be sure to check the recommended filter changing suggestions. Usually it is after every 150 hours of operation.
  • Listen for shakes or rattles and inspect mounting bolts. Tighten anything that is loose. Inspect electrical connections for corrosion and be sure all are tightly fastened.

Have Documentation and a Maintenance Kit On Hand

It’s a good idea to have a copy of your RV generator manual in the glove box and downloaded to a device as a backup. You may save yourself a trip to a mechanic by looking through the manual and troubleshooting section first.

Additionally, it’s wise to have an RV generator maintenance kit on board. Cummins sells a Cummins Onan generator maintenance kit that includes a spare air filter, fuel filter, spark plug, and oil. While there are service stations nearby any RV park, having a kit on you could make life easier.

To change the oil and filter on your own, follow these instructions from the Cummins website:

To change the oil and filter, do the following:

Run the generator at half load for about 30 minutes to warm the oil.

Shut it off, remove the drain plug, and completely drain the crankcase.

Remove the oil filter, if you have one, and clean the area where the filter gasket seats.

Pre-fill the new filter with the correct weight oil and dress the gasket with clean oil and install it. Tighten the filter another half turn past contact.

Replace the drain plug, or close the drain valve, and fill the crankcase with the right amount and weight of new oil.

Run the generator for a few minutes to check for leaks.

Find an RV Generator Professional You Can Trust

If you run into RV generator issues, find a reputable generator company you can trust. Log your generator usage and maintenance to make diagnosing problems easier.

Cooper Electrical Services is Myrtle Beach’s answer for all your generator needs. As an authorized Cummins dealer, Cooper is extremely knowledgable of Cummins Onan RV generators. Cooper Electrical Services is Myrtle Beach’s only unlimited license contractor specializing in generator sales, installation, maintenance, and repair.

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