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To Invest in a Generator is to Invest in Your Safety and Comfort

Are you receiving a stimulus check or a tax return this spring? For millions of Americans, this small influx of cash from a federal stimulus check or a tax return is a chance to pay down some debt or make an over-due repair. If you own a home in Myrtle Beach, one way to plan for the future is to invest in a residential generator system.

With the inevitability of Atlantic hurricanes along our coastline, a long-term power outage from wind and flooding is all but certain. For coastal South Carolinians, it’s a matter of when, not if. A standby generator system will keep your family safe and comfortable when the next storm knocks out power.

Automatic and Instantaneous Generated Power

It happens almost every year: a large storm approaches South Carolina, power goes out, and every Home Depot and Lowe’s in the area sells out of portable generators. While portable generators are helpful, they are not the best solution. They offer limited power, are loud, and require constant refueling. They can help you save the food in the refrigerator and power an appliance with an extension cord. But it will still feel more like camping inside your own home.

A residential generator system is the only safe way to get complete power to your entire home. You’ll enjoy a comfortable continuation of normal life without the noise and refueling.

Residential generators is a permanent power solution beside your home. They tie directly to underground fuel sources like a liquid propane or natural gas tank. Your generator connects to the main electrical panel (usually located in your garage). When an outage occurs, your generator system automatically detects it, and a transfer switch is flipped, converting the power to your electrical panel from utility to generated power. Similarly, the transfer switch flips back to utility power automatically when power is restored.

For homeowners, you have access to all your appliances, HVAC, lights, and outlets immediately and without any work. More importantly, residential generator systems are quiet.

Generator Systems Increase Home Values

Investing in a generator system is more than just your comfort and safety. Adding an emergency power solution like a generator system will increase your home’s value. This is especially true in a real estate market like Myrtle Beach. The Wall Street Journal has identified home generator systems as a top 10 “luxury item” to attract buyers.

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