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A Commercial Generator is Life Support for Your Business in an Outage

A commercial generator’s purpose is to reduce downtime and avoid profit loss in the event of an unplanned outage. In the past, we’ve looked at the importance of industrial-sized generators for healthcare, hospitality, and finance industries. Yet a commercial generator can also mean the difference between profit and loss for small-to-medium sized companies in Myrtle Beach. Closing operations because of an outage often means going into the red. A commercial generator is a smart investment, but in order to feel confident in its ability to protect your assets, you must conduct regular load banking.

What is Load Banking?

Load banking, or more accurately, load bank testing, is an artificial power load that brings your generator to an average running temperature and output. You can think of load banking as a time trial. You put your commercial generator under a simulated scenario in which it will power your business or commercial site, analyzing the response time and temperature to gauge how it would perform in a real emergency.

Load banking allows generator maintenance technicians to identify weaknesses in your system and address them before an emergency situation.

Load banking is conducted by a Cooper Electrical Services generator specialist. Using a portable load bank, your commercial generator is connected and generated power is initiated. The load bank test usually starts slowly at 25% capacity. It then increases by increments of 25% until it is running at 100% output capacity. At the end of a load bank test, you’ll know how your generator will perform at 100% capacity.

Load banking isn’t just for assurances though. It is also healthy for the generator’s engine. Load banking means that fuel, oil, and carbons aren’t sitting and degrading. It exercises your generator, prevents wet-stacking, and even reduces the risk of generator engine failure.

Commercial Generator Maintenance with Cooper

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