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Commercial Generator Load Bank Testing

Generator load bank testing is a performance test for your commercial generator. A load bank is an support device that provides electrical loads in increasing increments. As a result, load bank testing allows users to measure generator performance in a non-emergency situation.

In short, load bank testing makes sure your commercial backup power solution works at full capacity, so you will be ready in the case of an outage.

Why Generator Load Bank Testing is Important

Performance testing as a preventative maintenance and reliability measure is important. Even though a generator system may appear fine in diagnostic reporting, it’s hard to know how it may handle under peak load conditions.

Load bank testing will gradually increase the electrical load until the generator is at 100% capacity. Under a full electrical load users can measure how the generator’s cooling system operates. Therefore, it is the only way to know how your generator will perform at peak load when needed.

Load bank testing has other benefits also. If your commercial generator is diesel-powered, load bank testing can prevent wet stacking. Wet stacking is the condition where carbon from unburnt fuel builds up in the generator. Scheduled load bank testing burns and removes this carbon, keeping your generator system in optimum condition.

Cooper Electrical Services Can Conduct Load Bank Tests

Cooper Electrical Services is the premier commercial generator team in the Myrtle Beach area. The Cooper team conducts load bank tests as part of regularly scheduled service and maintenance agreements.

With a regular power outages from hurricanes, load bank testing gives companies the piece of mind that their backup power solutions are ready for an outage.

Cooper Electrical Services offers commercial generator sales, installation, maintenance and repair. To learn more about commercial generators, load bank testing, or to speak with the Cooper generator team, please contact us today.

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