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Commercial Generators –

Losing Power is Costly

How important is a generator to your business? Consider the consequences of losing power and having business come to a screeching halt. Power outages affect server availability and network data, financial transactions, telecommunications, and manufacturing and operations. Power disturbances and subsequent downtime cost North American businesses an average of $26 billion a year. For many, an extended outage as a result of a hurricane or a fallen tree can mean the difference between profit and loss. Losing power is not just inconvenient; it is costly. Commercial generators protect your business and allow you to continue work without interruption.

Commercial Generators to Meet Your Needs

Every business has different power needs. Whether it is a data center or a light manufacturing facility, a small retail store or an urgent healthcare clinic, each has different power requirements. Cooper Electrical Services knows that generators are not one-size fits all. Our team works to find backup power solutions that make sense for your unique needs and budget.

Commercial Generators for the Elements

Atlantic Hurricane season runs June-October, and power outages from major storm systems are a concern for all businesses. Cooper Electrical Services, as a local, South Carolina-based company, understands the unique weather conditions in the Southeast. We advise commercial customers on the products and solutions that work best in our region so you’ll keep the lights on when the big storm hits.

One Team from Sales to Service

With Cooper Electrical Services, you can count on the fact that you’ll work with the same team from sales through service. We are the Grand Strand’s only unlimited-license contractor offering generator sales, installation, and service. By providing full sales and service, we bring consistency, expert knowledge, and quality service to each of our commercial customers.

Looking for Service and Maintenance? 

emergency power commercial generators
Data Centers

Backup power for mission-critical data centers with best-in-class Tier IV power systems delivering 99.999% reliability, the Uptime Institute’s “gold standard” in the industry.

Generator solutions for data centers are architecturally-designed for each location and include top-of-the-line digital controls, analytics, and remote monitoring.

Commercial generator systems for hospitals and healthcare facilities provide the life-support vital equipment. Emergency power systems designed to meet the local, state and national requirements needed to provided 24/7 care to vulnerable populations.

Designed standby generator solutions to maximize reliability and keep all healthcare applications and operations online and running.

Reliable integrated power systems and uninterrupted uptime for telecommunications projects in even the most urban or rural settings. Commercial generators for telecom guarantees the service and constant uptime that people expect.

Generator systems for telecommunications include expert architecture, system design, and remote monitoring for constant analysis and inspection.

Keep vital data, financial transactions and customer information online and secure with a commercial power generation system designed specifically for banks and financial institutions.

Minimize the profit loss that results from downtime and maintain customer satisfaction during power outages or blackouts.

Protect and maintain access to critical student and education data during a power outage. Keep networks and learning management systems online without interruption.

Commercial generator solutions for schools are designed specifically for each institution’s needs and offer exceptional reliability, remote monitoring and digital tools.

Deliver uninterrupted service in the hospitality industry with emergency power systems for hotels. Keep guests and employees safe, comfortable and happy with reliable and efficient emergency standby power.

Avoid profit loss, reputation damage, and unsecure property by ensuring all applications and operations continue to run in the event of an outage. Power systems for hotels include remote monitoring and analytics for security and efficiency.

With thousands of flights daily requiring 24/7 access to critical equipment, applications and networks, power interruption at airports is dangerous and costly. Power solutions for airports are designed to provide 100% emergency backup power in the case of a blackout or emergency situation.

Airports require expert system architecture and design to meet their power-intensive needs. Commercial generator systems for airports use top-of-the-line systems for Tier IV reliability and 99.999% uptime.

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