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Myrtle Beach Residential Generators for Lifestyle Continuance

Myrtle Beach has been no stranger to severe storms in recent years. Hurricanes Joaquin and Matthew in 2015 and 2016, as well as some tropical storms with strong winds, have been more than a small interruption to homeowners’ lives. Last year, after the flood waters from Matthew had receded, many still found themselves without power. Even with utility crews working around-the-clock to restore power, thousands in Horry and Georgetown counties went without power for days to weeks. With the annual threat of power disturbance from Atlantic Hurricane Season, a residential generator system from Cooper Electrical Services is a safe and sound investment.

Life without a Generator is More than Inconvenient

“It’s like camping!” While this “glass half-full” statement is sure to initially please the kids, the truth is that living indefinitely without power can be costly. During Hurricane Matthew many in Myrtle Beach found themselves with a refrigerator and freezer full of food that had perished. Hundreds of dollars of groceries gone, the only available option was to eat out or subsist off of non-perishable goods.

Many found themselves in a bind when the hurricane passed and many had to return to work despite not having power at home. No hot water heater. No washing machine or dryer. And No hot coffee maker or kitchen appliances. Maintaining communication via internet devices was also difficult. Many spent hours in a running car parked in the driveway, powering devices from a car charger.

In rural parts of the county where many homes were without power for over a week, many found themselves showering and dining at friends or staying temporarily in hotels. Life quickly becomes both inconvenient and expensive.

Residential Generators are Efficient and Quiet

Compared portable generators, a permanent system is more cost-efficient, provides more power, and doesn’t provide danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Residential generator systems use natural gas or liquid propane which are cleaner and more efficient than traditional gas-powered generators. Residential generators are tied directly to a fuel source so there is no manual refueling. The permanent installation means you are always prepared and full-power resumes instantaneously.

Choosing a Generator Solution to Meet Your Needs

Cooper Electrical Services knows that generator systems vary in type, size, and cost. Our team seeks to find the solution that best meets your power needs and budget. We are the only unlimited license electrical contract that can provide residential generator sales, installation, and 24/7 service. The result is a family-owned and operator company that gets to know you and your system.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Cooper Electrical Services to learn more about residential generators and prepare before the next big storm hits.