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Myrtle Beach is an Outdoor Events Destination

With an international airport, a thriving tourism industry, and miles of world famous oceanfront, Myrtle Beach is rapidly becoming a destination for festivals and outdoor events. From the Carolina Country Music Fest to the variety of national and international sporting tournaments, Grand Strand businesses are serving customers in new ones. One service that is especially important to event planners and promoters is the ability to provide ample portable power through the use of on-site generators.

What Outdoor Events Need Portable Power?

Hundreds of large public and private events need reliable portable power from generators. Some outdoor events in the Myrtle Beach area include:

Concerts and Other Outdoor Performances: Portable generators power stage lighting, sound, and more. Host a world-class concert or performance by having a reliable generator system on site.

Sporting Events: Myrtle Beach is a sports tourism destination with thousands of teams coming here to compete outside. Power facilities and offer services only available with a strong portable power system.

Festivals: From seafood festivals to BBQ competitions, power your event for comfort, safety, and reliability.

Business or Private Tent Events: Use portable power generator to keep guests cool with portable AC. From corporate retreats to outdoor weddings, generators are becoming more efficient and easier to transport than ever.

How to Select a Portable Generator System for an Outdoor Event

For event or experience companies in the South Carolina area, owner your own generator system is a wise investment. If you host many events, having your own power generation can save you some of the nightmares that come with hiring other companies to supply adequate power. For single events or companies not needing a generator regularly, hiring a company to handle the power for your event may be ideal.

Should you consider purchasing a generator system, you’ll want to consider the following. A good generator dealer will work through these considerations with you to narrow down the options:

Power Needed: Write down a list of the items needing power from your generator and approximate wattage.

Assembly and Transportation: Consider locations for generator installation and modes of transport.

Safety and Use Requirements: Review safety needs and components for proper use and care.

Power Your Event or Business with Cooper Electrical Services

Cooper Electrical Services are authorized Cummins generator dealers. Whether you want to purchase a generator or just need some knowledge from our team of experts, Cooper professionals are ready to answer your questions.

Don’t be surprised if the number of events and festivals in Myrtle Beach continues to grow. Our climate, famous beaches, hospitality, and affordability make the Grand Strand a desirable place for all kinds of outdoor events. If you event or business is looking to learn more about outdoor portable power solutions, be sure to Call Cooper.