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Introducing 2 New Cummins Generator Models to the Cummins Quiet Connect Series

Cooper Electrical Services is proud to be an authorized dealer of Cummins standby generators. Cummins is a world leader in the design and manufacture of engines and generators. Cummins’ QuietConnect series offers powerful backup solutions for both residential and light commercial applications. Beginning in Jan. 2018, Cummins has now added two new generators to the Quiet Connect series, the RS125 and RS150 models.

Natural Gas Fuel Source for Cleaner, More Efficient Burn

The RS125 and RS150 generators are 125kW and 150kW respectively, giving peace of mind to homeowners and small business owners in Myrtle Beach with our annual threat from hurricanes and tropical storms. Both models are natural gas-only generators. Natural gas is a more efficient and cleaner-burning fuel source compared to diesel with lower particulate emissions. Additionally, expansion of natural gas sources in the United States makes natural gas more affordable than in previous years.

Generators Designed with All Weather in Mind

The new Cummins QuietConnect generators can weather South Carolina’s extreme heat and the high winds. The RS125 and RS150 can withstand extreme lows well below 0 as well as ambient heat up to 122 degrees. Moreover, with proper tie-down accessories, units can weather winds up to 180 miles per hour.

Cooper Electrical Services for Backup Power Generation Projects of All Sizes

Cooper Electrical Services is the only unlimited-license electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach with full-service generator sales, installation, service and repair. Together with Cooper Mechanical Services, we can provide a wide range of commercial and residential mechanical, HVAC, and electrical services to customers in the Myrtle Beach area. To learn more about our backup power solutions and the new additions to the Cummins generator line, please contact us today.