Whole house surge protector

What is a Whole House Surge Protector?

Simply, a surge protector is an installed device that protects electronics against power spikes. You may be familiar with a small surge protector to save a desktop computer from a power spike, or maybe a larger surge protector to safeguard …
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Happy Thanksgiving from Cooper Electrical Services Myrtle Beach

Happy Thanksgiving from Cooper Electrical Services!

Cooper Electrical Services has a lot to be thankful for this year. We have a committed team of professionals bringing power and electrical solutions to customers, and we are thrilled and thankful to be serving the backup power needs of …
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Remote monitoring with PowerCommand Cloud by Cummins

Remote Monitoring with PowerCommand Cloud by Cummins

Remote Monitoring with PowerCommand Cloud In a global, wirelessly-connected world, important business can happen anywhere and anytime. As a result, in our connected age, when power is disrupted, business productivity and profit slow, or even stop. That’s why a reliable …
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Myrtle Beach snow and ice can lead to power outage

Prep for a Power Outage from Snow and Ice

It seems that as soon as the Halloween candy goes on clearance, the Christmas decorations and holiday music are out in full force. Whether you like it or not, winter is coming. At Cooper Electrical Services, that means encouraging businesses …
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Generator installation and flooding in Myrtle Beach

Need a Quiet Generator? Cummins QuietConnect Is It.

Cummins Leads the Way with a Quiet Generator Adding a generator to your home or work is an investment in your safety, comfort, and for businesses, profitability. At Cooper Electrical Services, we know Myrtle Beach area residents and businesses face …
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Connect a generator to an electrical panel

How to Safely Connect a Generator to an Electrical Panel

How to Connect Portable Generator to Your Electrical Panel A note of caution: There are safe ways to power your electrical panel with a generator. However, “backfeeding” your electrical panel is dangerous and can result in electrocution, fire, and death. …
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Generator fuel testing in Myrtle Beach

Fuel Testing for Backup Power Generators

Liquid Propane, Natural Gas, and Diesel Fuel Types Will Degrade Over Time Residential and commercial generators in the Myrtle Beach area use one of three fuel types: liquid propane (LP), natural gas, or diesel. There are pros and cons for …
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Portable generator safety tips

Portable Generator Safety Tips

At Cooper, we sell, install, and service residential, standby generators that can power a whole house or business automatically without any manual work required. However, we know that folks in Myrtle Beach are much more likely to possess and use …
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cooper electrical services logo

Cooper Electrical Services is Growing!

⚡We’ve got news!⚡ Cooper Electrical Services is excited to announce that our generator services team will be expanding as we merge with Carolina Temperature Control’s (CTC) generator department. We are excited to be joining forces with CTC to offer the …
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Generator protection when you're away

Generator Protection While You’re Away

Generators Protection When You’re Home and Away Standby residential and commercial generators are awesome tools that let you resume life and business in comfort immediately after power goes out. Once a power disruption occurs, an automatic transfer switch moves your …
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