Transfer switch for a generator in Myrtle Beach

Transfer Switches for Standby and Portable Generators

It happens every hurricane season: a mad dash to the nearest big box store for a portable generator, or for those with more time and resources, an appointment with a residential standby generator provider. Whether you use a portable, gas-powered …
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Estimated Lead Time for Authorized Cummins RS125 and RS150 Generators for Myrtle Beach

New Cummins Generator Solutions for 2018

Introducing 2 New Cummins Generator Models to the Cummins Quiet Connect Series Cooper Electrical Services is proud to be an authorized dealer of Cummins standby generators. Cummins is a world leader in the design and manufacture of engines and generators. …
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Christmas Lights Backup Power Generator

Emergency Power 24/7/365…yes, even Christmas

Christmas Wasn’t Always a Day Off Did you know that Christmas Day was not always a federal holiday in the United States. It didn’t become a federal holiday until 1870. According to Karal Marling, author of the Harvard University Press …
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Generator fuel truck propane, natural gas or diesel

Which Generator Fuel Type is Best?

What is the Best Generator Fuel Type? One of the most frequently asked questions from residential and commercial clients is which generator fuel type is best. In this post we will breakdown generator fuel types and highlight some of the …
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generator certification myrtle beach

Generator Certification for South Carolina DHEC

SCDHEC Requires Yearly Generator Certification for Some Facilities Did you know that some facilities are required to have generator certification (and recertification) yearly? The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (or simply SCDHEC) requires an annual professional inspection …
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Generator for Senior Living Facilities in Myrtle Beach

Generators for Senior Living Facilities

Commercial Generators for Senior Living Facilities The Myrtle Beach area is a desirable place for seniors to retire for a number of reasons. We boast low taxes, warm weather, and plenty of activities that can create a high quality of …
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Cummins residential generator check-up

DIY Light Commercial and Residential Generator Check-Up

A Do-It-Yourself Generator Check Up A regular check up is good for maintaining one’s health. The same is true for the health of your residential or light commercial generator. Although scheduled maintenance and repair can be involved and require the …
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Light Commercial Generator Keeps Myrtle Beach business open. Power Outage cost money.

A Light Commercial Generator Can Save a Small Business

What is a Light Commercial Generator? Light commercial generators are automatic backup power generators designed for small businesses and larger homes. Light commercial generators fall within the 20-100 kW range and are permanent installations that can run off of diesel, …
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Generator Load Bank Testing a Cummins Generator

Generator Load Bank Testing for Reliable Performance

Generator load bank testing is a performance test for your commercial generator. A load bank is an support device that provides electrical loads in increasing increments. As a result, load bank testing allows users to measure generator performance in a non-emergency situation.
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