Generator Load Bank Testing a Cummins Generator

Generator Load Bank Testing for Reliable Performance

Generator load bank testing is a performance test for your commercial generator. A load bank is an support device that provides electrical loads in increasing increments. As a result, load bank testing allows users to measure generator performance in a non-emergency situation.
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Portable Generator Used for Illegal Backfeeding

Backfeeding Portable Generators is Dangerous and Illegal

Portable Generators are Excellent Tools—When Used Properly Portable generators are popular in emergencies, and for good reason. They usually output between 3,000 and 7,000 watts, enough to power a refrigerator, small appliances, and communication devices. Users can plug into a …
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RV camping with an RV generator

RV Generators for Camping in Myrtle Beach

RV generators make sure you are never without power on your camping trip. With Hurricane Season in Myrtle Beach June-November, an RV generator is a sensible addition to your motorhome or camper.
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Backup Power For Data Centers

Cooper Electrical Services Helps Data Centers Back It Up Data centers are the backbone of modern business. Managing and supplying data from a dedicated location, they keep networks of information up and running. From small organizations with a single room …
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Commercial generators for Myrtle Beach businesses

Commercial Generators 101: FAQ

Commercial generators are a sound investment. Summer is officially here in Myrtle Beach (and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, in fact) and we’ve definitely noticed an increase in midday thunderstorms. In fact, as we mentioned previously, this is the start …
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Commercial generator switches

The Difference Between Single and Three Phase Generators

You've probably also noticed that a "three phase" generator usually comes with a significantly higher price tag. In this post we will offer simplified explanations of single and three phase power along with some things to consider when deciding which is best for you.
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