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Are Onan Generators and Cummins Generators the Same Thing?

In a word, yes. You may hear some folks in the backup power sector refer to Cummins generators as Cummins Onan, or even just Onan. The change to the simplified Cummins name came in 2017, so the rebranding is still recent.

Cummins, a mechanical and power generation company in existence since 1920, bought the Onan brand in 1992 in order to increase its production of commercial diesel, marine, and RV generators. In the mobile and RV generator market, the Cummins-owned Onan brand has been a market leader. Recently, Cummins had used the Onan brand specifically for their RV generator line.

In 2017, Cummins rebranded under a single, simplified Cummins name to unify its branding strategy. The Cummins name is now the brand of all generator product lines–residential standby, commercial, light commercial, industrial/data, and RV.

Onan generators are Cummins generators

Can an Authorized Cummins Dealer Service My Onan Generator?

Yes. Your Onan generator is a dependable Cummins product that simply has a new name. All authorized Cummins partners are fully qualified to service and repair generators under the either brand name.

Cooper Electrical Services is Myrtle Beach’s premier authorized partner for Cummins generator products. As a Cummins partner, Cooper Electrical Services has quick access to all Cummins parts, and we can easily apply your factory-backed Cummins warranty.

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