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-Practical Gifts of Safety

The Cummins blog this month features a holiday season staple: the gift guide. While the thought of giving a standby generator to your family or your business doesn’t conjure up images of a Hallmark Christmas, there is a reason to give practical gifts of safety and security.

One Christmas I got an portable emergency kit to keep in the trunk of my car. It’s not very fun, nor is it glamorous, but I was certainly thankful for it the first time my Jeep broke down in the middle of the night off Hwy. 220 in West Virginia. I used the flashlight and glow stick in there that night while I waiting for help. I still use the jumper cables that came in the kit. The case for the practical gift is that it is often something we need but neglect to buy for ourselves, for whatever reason.

The best practical gifts are those that are extremely valuable in moments of need. For this reason, consider adding a practical gift of safety to the holiday shopping list this year.

A Standby Generator for Your Home or Business

South Carolina has seen unprecedented hurricanes and tropical storms year after year. There are stories of hotels moving guests after losing power, and homeowners causing harm to themselves and utility linemen by trying to backfeed power from a portable generator. A standby commercial or residential generator automatically transfers to generator power at the first detection of utility interruption. This means your business stays open and your whole house and appliances receive full power. Standby generators are automatic and quiet. They require no manual fueling because they tie directly to fuel lines including natural gas, propane, and diesel.

The real gift is the goodwill and profits your business will generate after competitors close due to outages. Or the gift of comfort you experience as life continues as usual while crews work to restore utility lines.

Other Gifts of Safety to Consider

Cheryl Nelson mentions some other practical gifts on the Cummins site that could prove to be helpful in an emergency situation, including a car emergency and first aid kit. Nelson also recommends a hand-crank radio, an emergency ID bracelet, and a water filtration bottle and straw.

You could also consider some portable USB/phone chargers, a navigation device with the Waze app, or even some gift cards to stash away for a rainy day (emergencies can get expensive).

Cooper Electrical Services

As an authorized Cummins partner, Cooper Electrical Services brings turnkey backup power solutions to Myrtle Beach-area business and home owners. Cooper is the only unlimited license electrical contractor in the area providing commercial and residential generator sales, installation, maintenance, and repair services.

To learn more about how you can invest in your business or home with a standby generator, contact Cooper today.