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Disaster Preparation for Weather and Virus Outbreak

Coastal South Carolina and North Carolina have seen their fair share of natural disasters between hurricanes and tornados in recent years. We come to expect some high winds during hurricane season that will knock the power out. But what about other disasters? The COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 has many gathering necessary supplies. Regardless of the event, prepare for a disaster with a backup generator because you never know when or for how long utility power may be interrupted.

A Pandemic Affects All Aspects of Life

As we’ve witnessed with the coronavirus, a global outbreak interrupts all facets of life. Businesses, schools, hospitals, and more either have come to a grinding halt or are overwhelmed with public requests. Positive COVID-19 cases in the workplace have resulted it closures and self quarantine. Suppose a pandemic affected utility employees and their ability to maintain and repair the power grid. What would happen?

In the midst of national shortages of cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment, and toilet paper, “emergency preppers” are well prepared . In fact, it makes a lot of sense to have some items on hand in the event of a large-scale disaster. Moreover, a standby generator is the best way to make sure your access to power is not interrupted.

Additionally, for more information specific to COVID-19 preparedness, see the CDC Pandemic Preparation Guide.

A Standby Generator Lets Life Continue at Home or Work

As the COVID-19 outbreak has taught us, we may not be fully prepared for some of the sacrifices a disaster will ask of us. However, we can take certain measures to make sure life at home or work maintains a level of familiarity and comfort.

When a standby generator senses a utility power interruption, a transfer switch immediately converts to generated power.

Standby generators connect directly to propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel lines. They are fully automatic, meaning no manual refueling or starting/stopping.

Stay Safe with Cooper Electrical Services

Cooper Electrical Services works to keep your family or business safe. Our team provides turnkey generator services, and we are an authorized Cummins dealer.

To learn more about how a standby generator can help you prepare for a disaster, please contact us.