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Interview Generator Companies to Find Your Best Option

It’s important to be a smart consumer. Whether you’re shopping for a new car, a new healthcare provider, or a reliable mechanic, you should be confident and comfortable with your choice. This means considering available options, doing research, and asking the right questions.

Unlike shopping for a car, most people haven’t had as much experience with residential or commercial generators. But you don’t need to research the technical aspects of the service to interview a company. It’s recommended that you speak to more than one company so you can not only compare costs, but get a feeling for the business and employees. Use your instinct to determine which provider seems the most honest, knowledgeable, and reliable.

So how do you interview and evaluate standby generator companies? Asking some general questions like the ones below give you a good starting place, and they will often leave you with an impression of the company that can help you make your decision.

General Questions for Generator Service Companies

How is your company different from [local competitor]? This question is aimed at getting a generator provider representative to highlight services or qualities that make them exceptional. It could be cost-related, but they may provide quicker service, or have a larger maintenance team. This should be a question they can answer easily if they know they offer a quality product and service.

What is the average response time for a service call? It’s important to know how quickly a technician will respond to a service request. Some companies may offer quicker service, or 24/7 emergency service at no extra charge, which could be a distinguishing factor in your decision process.

Do you offer 24/7 emergency service? Power outages don’t follow banker’s hours. Generators are technology built for emergencies. It’s helpful to know not only how quickly a company responds, but whether or not they are available in the middle of the night or on holidays.

What level of service is needed for a generator that fits my needs? Both residential and commercial generators will need periodic maintenance and testing. Some generators in specific capacities may be required to have regular service by law. The frequency and scope of this service will vary. Hearing the responses from multiple companies can help you determine which level of service you feel is most appropriate.

What kind of certifications and licenses do your company and your technicians hold? Make sure you are working will a fully-licensed contractor and that their team is certified either by a major manufacturer or by a independent industry organization.

What manufacturers has your company worked with? Many companies say they work with all manufacturers. Try to get the representative to talk more specifically about which brands and models they are most familiar with.

What are the details of your service contract? Ask this question to determine if service contracts are customizable or required for a minimum time frame. Most generator companies will try to enroll consumers on a regular scheduled maintenance plan, which is offer a good way to maintain and protect your investment. Compare service contract features by asking this question to multiple generator companies.

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