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Cummins Leads the Way with a Quiet Generator

Adding a generator to your home or work is an investment in your safety, comfort, and for businesses, profitability. At Cooper Electrical Services, we know Myrtle Beach area residents and businesses face the threat of serious power outages each Hurricane Season. A generator can keep the lights on, appliances running, and food cool in the refrigerator. However, they can also be really loud, and living for a couple days with that noise can be uncomfortable. As a result, Cummins has developed an exceptionally quiet generator with their home QuietConnect series.

Residential Cummins Generator Quiet Connect
QuietConnect Series by Cummins

Unlike a portable generator that is loud and inconvenient, a residential standby generator is a permanent backup power solution. Standby generators are tied directly to a propane or natural gas fuel line and require no manual start/stop or refueling. Moreover, they are significant quieter than portable generators.

How Loud is a Standby Generator?

A quiet home generator is one under 65 decibels (dB). For Cummins, the QuietConnect series uses insulated enclosing materials to dampen sound and reduce vibration.

QuietConnect™ home standby generator models are designed and tested at our world-class Sound-Testing Facility. Unique, attractive enclosures and patented sound technology suppress engine noise to its lowest possible level.

Cummins Home Generators

At under 65dB, this generator is as loud as a normal conversation or a dishwasher running. A QuietConnect generator is roughly half as loud as a regular lawnmower.

Get Quiet Backup Power and at Affordable Price

The Cummins QuietConnect home generator series starts at $3,040 (excluding transfer switch and installation). With a real chance of a power outage each hurricane season, this is a way to ensure you have lifestyle continuity even when the power is out.

A residential standby generator provides whole-home power so you can live normally as utilities are repaired. Contact Cooper Electrical Services to learn more about residential generators and the Cummins QuietConnect model. We’re proud to be Myrtle Beach’s authorized Cummins dealer.