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Remote Monitoring with PowerCommand Cloud

In a global, wirelessly-connected world, important business can happen anywhere and anytime. As a result, in our connected age, when power is disrupted, business productivity and profit slow, or even stop. That’s why a reliable backup power system for your business is critical. Emergency power prevents productivity and profit loss. With Cummins’ remote monitoring tool PowerCommand Cloud, you can check on power system status, identify faults, and view critical notifications from a mobile device.

PowerCommand Cloud by Cummins

What is Cummins’ PowerCommand Cloud?

PowerCommand Cloud is a desktop, tablet, or smartphone application that allows for remote monitoring and control of your Cummins generated power system.

Features include:

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring Access
  • Multi-Location Management
  • Remote Asset Control
  • Remote Service and Calibration
  • Real-Time Notifications

Tools like PowerCommand Cloud provide critical information to businesses where downtime is critical. As a result, businesses in healthcare, data management, and telecommunications depend on secure and reliable power sources for servers and critical healthcare services. A remote monitoring system notifies you and lets you resolve issues immediately and from any location.

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