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Residential Generator Brings Emergency Power to Your Whole Home

The beauty of a residential generator is that when the power goes out, you know your whole home will continue to run on generated power. In short, life continues with nearly all the creature comforts you are used to: lights, HVAC, appliances, and security, among others. Residential generator systems tie directly to an underground fuel source like propane or natural gas and connect to your electrical panel to bring power to your entire house.

Connect a generator to an electrical panel

Most Homes Don’t Need Any Electrical Panel Updates for a Generator System

Will you need a new electrical panel to install a generator?

In most cases, no. Your existing panel will simply need a transfer switch that disconnects the incoming utility current and transfers to the current generated from your new generator system. The transfer switches that come with modern residential generators are automatic and instantaneous. When your system detects an interruption in utility power, it automatically switches to generated power. You don’t need to do anything at all.

When do you need a new electrical panel for a generator?

You’ll only need to replace your electrical panel if it is dangerous and unsafe. Additionally, you’ll need to upgrade your panel for a generator system if the panel is an older 3-wire (instead of 4-wire) model. In Myrtle Beach, most electrical panels are in the garage or outside the home on an exterior surface. As noted above, most homes will not need to replace their electrical panel. Cooper Electrical Services will look at your electrical panel during a site visit to see if any updates are required.

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