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What’s a Home Generator’s Resale Value?

We spend a lot of time talking about the worth of a whole house backup generator in terms of safety and security. We understand that for many, a residential standby generator for their home is a major purchase. Most residential generators average around $4,000 on the low end, and some can cost over $10,000 depending on size and type. But what about resale value?

Given the frequency of outages the Myrtle Beach area experiences each year during Atlantic Hurricane Season, many are seeing the upfront cost of a generator as an investment that promotes safety, and can even save money in the long term. Just consider the money lost to spoiled food, meals out, and even hotel rooms–not to mention the inconvenience.

But residential generators are also worth it for the money you’ll get back should you move. Multiple research shows that residential standby generators hold their resale value, and in some cases, may increase in value by 150% when seen as a desirable feature when selling your home.

Residential Generators Are Seen as Luxury Home Features

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the top 10 features that attract buyers to luxury properties. Alongside a smart home system and a spa bathroom is, you guessed it, a home standby generator.

A standby generator guarantees whole house power the moment an outage is detected. With an automatic transfer switch, homeowners don’t need to do anything. All appliances, devices, security systems, and more will continue to operate under generated power.

Plus, modern residential generators like Cummins QuietConnect line provide quiet, efficient power, unlike noisy and dangerous portable gas generators.

Invest in Your Home and Recoup Your Investment When You Sell

According to Remodeling, an industry trade site, homeowners recoup an average of 54% of the cost of a generator within a year. More importantly, a standby generator is a differentiator for homebuyers. When real estate agents take clients to view a number of similar properties, an added safety and security feature like a generator, especially in an area like Myrtle Beach, can be a deciding factor.

Cooper Electrical Services is the only unlimited license electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach that offers turn-key generator solutions. We are an authorized Cummins partner, and our team is happy to answer any questions you have about residential generators.