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Residential Generators –

Backup Power for Your Myrtle Beach Home

The Grand Strand is no stranger to hurricanes, strong winds, and the damage they create. Whether it’s a fallen tree taking out the power on your street, or a Category 5 storm blacking out the region, the resulting power outage can last from hours to weeks. Residential generators provide homeowners with emergency backup power that is quiet, efficient, and safe.

Imagine losing power for a week. Your lights, refrigerator, major appliances, electronics and heating and cooling systems are all inoperable. Life is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and possibly unsafe. With a residential generator, power is immediately fully restored, allowing for lifestyle continuance and comfort while you wait for utility power return.

Residential generators provide many advantages over gas-powered portable generators:

  • Automatic start
  • Permanent installation
  • More power
  • Lower running costs
  • Cleaner fuel (propane or natural gas)
  • All-weather operation
  • No danger of carbon monoxide poisoning

Residential Generators to Meet Your Needs

The power needs for your home and lifestyle are unique. Do you have a home business or specific energy needs? Is your Myrtle Beach residence a second home requiring remote access to generator settings? Residential generators come in a variety of sizes with different voltages and phases. Cooper Electrical Services asks the right questions so we can find the backup power solution that fits your home and budget.

One Team from Sales to Service

With Cooper Electrical Services, you can count on the fact that you’ll work with the same team from sales through service. We are the Grand Strand’s only unlimited-license contractor offering generator sales, installation, and service. By providing full sales and service, we bring consistency, expert knowledge, and quality service to each of our customers.

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