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Do You Need an RV Generator in Myrtle Beach?

RV camping in incredibly popular along the Grand Strand. In fact, a large portion of our coastline is home to RV and motorhome camping near the beach. Between Myrtle Beach State Park and Huntington Beach State Park, as well as the larger RV-friendly private campgrounds like Ocean Lakes Family Campground and Pirateland, there are thousands of recreational vehicles enjoying all South Carolina has to offer.

Many campgrounds offer utility hookups for RVs to power your air-conditioning, appliances and onboard amenities, but do you need an additional RV generator?

RV Generators Provide Emergency Backup Power During Hurricanes

Myrtle Beach sees between 14-18 million visitors each summer. However, our most popular tourist season coincides with Myrtle Beach’s Atlantic Hurricane Season (June-November) and strong tropical storms and hurricanes can easily down lines and blackout campgrounds. In recent years Hurricanes Joaquin and Matthew disrupted power for days to weeks. During a power outage, an RV generator makes sure you’re comfortable in your camper while waiting for power to return.

How Do RV Generators Work During a Power Outage?

When your campground utility hookup goes out, you’ll likely be notified by the campground about the cause and possible need for evacuation if it is storm-related. If it is not a serious threat, you can immediately regain power by turning on your RV generator.

RV generators are remarkably efficient and quiet. As a result, you’ll have access to your air-conditioning and appliances without excessive noise that could bother other campers. The different fuel types include gasoline, diesel, and liquid propane. The Cooper Electrical Services generator team will help find a backup power solution with appropriate fuel type, wattage, and decibel level to ensure you retain peace of mind and actually enjoy the outdoors.

Inspect and Maintain Your RV Generator Before You Go

When you need emergency power, you want the confidence that your equipment will work quickly and easily. We always advise customers to inspect their generator before leaving on a trip. Our generator team can provide scheduled maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your generator.

Cooper Electrical Services delivers reliable RV generator installation, repair and maintenance service when and where it is needed. We provide 24/7 emergency service to make sure your Myrtle Beach camping trip is as comfortable as possible.