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Commercial and Residential Generators for Myrtle Beach Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season (June 1 – November 30) is here. You’ll likely see many announcements encouraging you to prepare ahead. One way to prepare your home or business for the worst is with a standby generator. In the last 3 years, Myrtle Beach has seen powerful, damaging storms in Irma, Matthew, and Joaquin. Record outages left people without power to cook, cool homes, or go about regular life for days and even weeks. They also caused businesses to alter hours or close completely, affecting employees, customers, and profits.

Residential and commercial generators are permanent additions to the side of your home or workplace. They tie directly to fuel lines and power your whole home or business immediately when power is disrupted. At Cooper Electrical Services, we educate our customers about our products so they get the most out of their generator. To learn more, check out some of the links below for information that can help you prepare for Hurricane Season:

7 Resources for Preparing Your SC Home or Business for a Hurricane

The Benefits of Residential Generators in Hurricane Zones: Learn about how residential generators differ from noisy, inefficient portable generators and how they offer complete lifestyle continuance for an extended period of time.

Residential Generators and Your Pre-Hurricane Checklist: This post is full of South Carolina-specific online resources for hurricanes as well as a convenient checklist of things to do before the storm hits.

How Commercial Generators Work (and Why You May Need One): The title explains this one. The post features a helpful YouTube video that breaks down commercial generators for the non-technical business owner.

5 Ways Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Prepare for a Hurricane: Lots of posts focus on preparing your home for a hurricane, but what about your business, documents, and servers? Learn about 5 small things you can do today to prepare.

Storm Ready Your Home Electrical and HVAC Systems: Here is a great post from Cooper Mechanical Services with tips for pre-storm preparation and post-storm inspection and cleanup.

Hurricane-Proof Your Myrtle Beach House: Custom builder Odom Design offers 7 suggestions for affordable upgrades to existing homes to make them storm ready.

Certified Mold Removal Experts for Post-Storm Cleaning: MasterTech of Myrtle Beach is a local water damage and mold removal service for those needing post-hurricane cleaning and repair.

Cooper Electrical Services for Backup Power During Hurricane Season

Cooper Electrical Services knows generators. We supply homes with efficient, whole-house residential generators and businesses of all sizes and industries with backup power solutions.

So, don’t wait for disaster to strike again to remind you to invest in a generator. Call Cooper Electrical Services today to see what options are available.