Service Agreements

Cooper Electrical Services offers Service Agreements for scheduled generator service and maintenance. 

Service Agreements are custom maintenance contracts, but most last between 1-3 years depending upon generator type (residential, commercial, RV) and specific customer needs.

Service Agreements are ideal for preventative care and extending the life of your generator system. Regular checks and maintenance are recommended for generator efficiency and effectiveness.

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In order to get the most out of your generator in the event of a power outage, we offer a service agreement that includes scheduled inspection of and preventive maintenance for your generator. Scheduled service is a proactive way of minimizing repair costs and extending the life of your power generation system. Service agreements allow customers to feel confident in the state and health of their generator, knowing it will perform effectivity in an emergency situation. Fully customized plans to meet your individual requirements. All service agreement customers are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Discounted labor rates
  • Priority service during hurricane season
  • 24/7 emergency services

We provide customers with critical equipment and site monitoring through a wireless, web-based client. Receive instant notifications via email or text message when a problem occurs. All generator systems report to a web-based portal offering event and alarm reporting, history, and data logging. 

  • Immediate notification of events/alarms
  • Notifications by email and text message
  • Daily status updates by e-mail or text
  • Service and maintenance log file

Load Bank Testing is operational test of your generator system at full output capacity. Like a test drill, load bank testing serves the purpose of making sure your power generation system works reliably before you need it.  All generator areas are monitored, recorded and evaluated, including electrical output, cooling system performance, fuel delivery, and instrumentation. 

  • Helps you meet NPS/A and DHEC requirements
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Increases engine performance and reliability

The generator system’s radiator is essential for keeping the system cool during while it supplies backup power to your home or business.We know the radiator plays a vital role in properly cooling your generator system.Radiator coating is a layer of protection against corrosion that results from excessive rainwater, salt air, and other harmful elements in the environment. Radiator coating is especially helpful in coastal regions and those in close proximity to salt water.

Be extra prepared during South Carolina hurricane season. Prior to a major storm, we will inspect your generator system and educate you or your team to ensure you are well-prepared for power generation in the event of an outage.

Oil, fuel and coolant analysis provide data on engine and cooling performance, helping customers maximize the efficiency of their generator system and identify potential problem areas before major issues arise. 

Regular inspection and analysis of your generator’s battery. While generator batteries require little maintenance, they will need periodic charging to get the longest service from them.

Generator Service and Maintenance Agreement with Cooper

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