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No Power, No Profits

Shopping for a generator? Back to back to back years of damaging hurricanes to coastal South Carolina has a way of sparking interest in standby residential and commercial generators. If you are a Myrtle Beach business, you know that hurricane season can often interrupt what are typically profitable months, especially in the retail and hospitality sector.

As we’ve mentioned before, sometimes down utility lines prevent businesses from making money long after the storm has passed and consumers are back out on the roads. For some, a week without normal operations can be the death knell that puts a small business under. 

Generated Power Can Improve Profits

A commercial or light commercial generator can help businesses survive outages, and in some cases, make record profits. For example, consider the one hotel with a full restaurant on a block in Wilmington that had a backup generator. They took their competitors displaced guests and had record nights at the restaurant. The cause of the outage: a car crashed into a nearby utility pole.

4 Things to Consider When Generator Shopping

If you are thinking of a generator for your business, here are 5 things to keep in mind as you start researching:

Calculate Revenue and Losses

First, figure out which aspects of your business need power to generate revenue. Conversely, estimate the losses associated with shutting down. You can use an online “downtime calculator” to help estimate the value of having power.

Consider Generator Fuel Types

Next, consider your fuel source. The three main fuel types for commercial generators are natural gas, propane, and diesel. Each fuel type has some advantages and disadvantages. Consider fuel availability in your region, existing fuel lines to your commercial space, as well as fuel efficiency, cost, and other factors (for example, diesel generators tend to be noisier). 

The Cooper Electrical Services website contains a helpful breakdown of fuel types on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Find Local Experts You Trust

Most importantly, consult a professional you trust. Using a local generator company for sales and service comes with perks. This most important is knowing they are nearby when you need them. Cooper Electrical Services is the only unlimited license electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach that can offer generator sales, installation, maintenance and repair. 

Cooper is an Authorized Cummins Partner, and our dedicated team can service commercial generators from all major manufacturers. CES is built on the reputation of our family name, and we’ve been proud to service the Grand Strand since 1989.

Use a Maintenance Plan

Generators need regular inspection, testing, and servicing. The most cost-efficient way to extend the life of your generator and keep in running when you need it most is to have it serviced regularly by a professional.

Cooper Electrical Services provides customizable maintenance plans to meet your needs. The Cooper generator team can also do full load bank testing and inspections for code compliance. 

To learn more about generator options that fit your businesses needs and budget, get in touch with Cooper Electrical Services.